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Special Blue Gourmet Mixology 8g N2O - 100 Pack

Special Blue Gourmet Mixology 8g N2O - 100 Pack


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Infusing your favorite cocktails just got a easier....

Bringing a scientific touch to kitchens big and small, our Special Blue Gourmet Mixology (formerly Blue Mixology) chargers and accessories are perfect for cocktail infusions, molecular gastronomy, and other gas powered preparations. And yes, our products also make the best fresh homemade whipped cream too.

Pack contains 100 - 8g Nitrous Oxide Chargers

Packaging May Vary! Product is currently transitioning between packaging style.

• 8g of high quality compressed nitrous oxide (N2O) gas fill each charger.
• Gas is contained under high-pressure within disposable steel cylinders.
• Our cylinders are 100% recyclable, keeping the world a little greener.
• 5 year shelf life¹
• 5 year warranty ²


¹- 5-year shelf life is only guaranteed if the product is kept in recommended storage conditions
² - 5-year warranty requires proof of purchase and following guidelines related to storage.
Shipping Information

Torches are shipped empty, without butane gas. Butane sold separately.

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