PROBLEM: Just bought a lighter or torch, and it no longer lights up. 

SOLUTION: You most likely ran out of butane. Make sure to refill; a lot of people do not know they need to replenish the fuel using the opening at the bottom of the unit.

PROBLEM: I am trying to refill but nothing is happening.

SOLUTION:  We recommend using our butane cans for refill as most butane cans in the market come with a plastic tip. Plastic tips tend to not work properly and a lot of times, do not release gas into lighters and torches. 

PROBLEM: Gas is spraying when I am trying to fill my unit. 

SOLUTION:  To properly refill, please hold your butane can upside down, insert the injector tip into the refill access at the bottom of the unit. Make sure to hold steady, and refill for 5 seconds only for lighters and 7 to 10 seconds for large torches. 

PROBLEM: I filled my unit with butane but now the flame is going everywhere.

SOLUTION: When refueling, it is important to play close attention to the amount of time you are refueling for. Most torches only require 7-10 seconds of fuel release. You can confirm this information by reading the instructions on the back of box that came with the unit. Small lighters can be fully filled within 3-5 seconds.

PROBLEM: When I am refueling my unit, the control valve leaks.

SOLUTION: Not all lighters and torches can be refueled directly; you must use one of the plastic adapters tips from the inside of the butane can top. 

PROBLEM: The flame on my unit is not strong enough.

SOLUTION: All torches have a flame control lever to adjust the strength of the flame. That lever is usually located at the bottom of the unit.

PROBLEM: The igniter button on my torch stopped working.

SOLUTION: Please contact to file a warranty claim to obtain a replacement under the 2-year warranty.