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Blue Mixology Smoke Stack Kit

Blue Mixology Smoke Stack Kit

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Take your mixology to the next level.

Smoking your favorite drinks has never been easier. The Blue Mixology Smoke Stack Kit unlocks the full potential of your favorite cocktails. Place the Smoke Stack on any prepared drink, load it with your favorite woods chips, and infuse your beverage with a bold, smoky profile. Crowd pleasing, showstopper drinks, every time! 

In collaboration with Special Blue, this kit also includes a Black Panther torch by Special Blue. This compact tool gives you the precision firepower that's perfect when smoking cocktails with the Blue Mixology Smoke Stack.

- Smoke Stack
- Cherry Wood Chips
- 5 Pack Replacement Screen
- Cleaning Brush
- Special Blue Black Panther Torch
- Recipe Book

Shipping Information

Torches are shipped empty, without butane gas. Butane sold separately.

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